Intermittent Fasting Week One – Day Four

Day Three and Four

I skipped posting yesterday and will be including my progress and regress in this post.


Day Three – Lost 1.8 Lbs (Water Weight mostly)

Day Four – Same Weight (No deficit of calories)


I started drinking Sparkling water with Apple Cider Vinegar, it really helps me stay full.

Leave any tips below, and check out my previous posts if they help.

Intermittent Fasting Week One – Day Two

Day Two

This is a quick update following day one. Please leave any advice down below.

I starting fasting around 7pm yesterday and ended the fast a little early. I plan on eating within a 6-hour window today, wish me luck. Thanks to God I lost some weight, although it was mostly water weight, it helps me stay motivated.

How I feel after Day One of Intermittent Fasting

I feel reenergized after the first day of intermittent Fasting. The feeling of hunger is sometimes great when I feel that hunger sensation I feel as if I am accomplishing something. Hopefully, I can fight the hunger until I reach the point where my body adapts to burning fat for fuel instead of carbs.


Lost 1.4 Pounds

Check out my Day One Intro

Please leave any advice and tips. Everything is appreciated.


Intermittent Fasting Week One

Day One

Today is the day! I will be restarting my intermittent fasting today. I ended up gaining back a lot of the weight which I had previously lost. Any tips are appreciated please leave them in the comments. Throughout this blog, I will be describing my results every now and then.

Some of the things I learned before starting IF.

  1. Make sure you are not at an extreme calorie deficit. For example, if you do the One Meal a Day protocol then do not just eat 800 calories per day. This will eventually cause adverse effects once you stop doing OMAD.
  2. Try to incorporate a cheat day or two throughout the week, if you are doing a longer Fast (Warrior Diet/20:4 or longer). This will ensure that your body is still used to eating throughout the day. Which makes it easier for you to adapt to a day without fasting once you stop fasting.
  3. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. I might make a separate respective post, regarding Apple Cider Vinegar.
  4. Break your fast, with something light. This will help your body adapt slowly which will help control your insulin spikes, instead of binging when you break a fast.
    1. I recommend a handful of nuts, almonds, walnuts or pistachios are my go too.
    2. MCT Oil

Please help me with whatever tips you have! All the help is greatly appreciated. Also please share this with people who are experienced with IF, as their advice would be very helpful.

Thank you for reading, help a nice day!